About us

Arex company was developed over 20 years ago from the tool department of former Iskra company.

The company was tool-making oriented at first, but later started gravitating more and more from manufacturing unique products towards mass production of its own tools.

Our employees’ rich experience meant a competitive edge for many customers and by gradual transition onto serial production of plastic products, CNC machining parts,..

By additional investments into infrastructure and machinery and by intensive employment of new professionals we managed to make a step forward in recent years and are now able to offer:

  • Development of smaller products made of plastic, metal or a combination of both, according to customer’s specifications,
  • prototype manufacture of our own tools, testing and modifying prototypes,
  • making tools for serial manufacture,
  • serial manufacture with modern CNC machines.

Employee numbers have been continuously increasing since the company was started.

Arex employs mostly engineering professionals. Almost 70% are workers with education levels IV and V, while the percentage of employees with lower levels is less than 5%. Employees with education levels VI and VII, that take care of the development and managing other processes, is 25%.

Most employees are below 40 years old.

That proves Arex is future oriented and by all age groups being strongly represented the company ensures the dynamics of production processes and customer relations on the one hand, as well as expertese and prudence on the other.

The knowledge and experience of senior generations is passed on to younger colleagues.

Highly qualified and motivated employees solve our customers’ development, design and product testing problems daily.

As a niche manufacturer Arex is active within several branches, but mostly in the defence industries, where we are becoming more and more established as solvers of unsolvable problems.

By manufacturing products from design to final version, with no sub-suppliers needed, this is what we assure our customers:

  • shorter development cycle,
  • lower logistics costs.


Repurchase of Iskra Hipot Šentjernej’s tool department machinery


Quality certificate ISO 9001:2000 acquired.


Beginning of cooperation with world-renowned weapons and military equipment manufacturers (FN, Scott Health & Safety, CQC), licence production and common development projects.


Changing the company’s overall image.

Introduction of many new product lines:

1. safety sprays,

2. motorhome seats,

3. complex turned products.



Start of tool production and performing tool services for the market.

Development-research group established.

Beginning of semimanufactures serial production for companies in the automobile and ski industries.


Purchase of production facilities in Šentjernej and Ljubljana enables further company growth.


Purchase of modern machinery (CNC tillage machines).

Intensive employment and workers qualifications for project management and construction.